• 2010 – Practice scientifically didactic  at Stavropol State Agrarian University;

  • 2009 – Associate Professor of Economics Sciences (Habilitation), monography „The role of information in the market economy on the basis of specific agricultural wholesale markets” – Publisher Warsaw University of Life Sciences -SGGW;

  • 1998 - Diploma of post-graduate study of European Integration - L’Ecole Superrieure d’Administration and Institute of European Integration in Natolin;

  • 1994 - Scientific practice at Scottish Agricultural College and University of Aberdeen;

  • 1981 - PhD of Agricultural Sciences, dissertation „ Canonical analysis applied to assess the phenotypic correlation and volatility characteristics of the potato” – Publisher Warsaw Agricultural University, Warsaw;

  • 1971 – Master of Mathematics , manuscript, „ The propagation of errors in numerical methods” – Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemics at  Uniwersity of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.