- Honorary Professor of the Uniwersity CAH Dronten Netherlands;

- Gold Cross of Merritt RP;

- Silver Cross of Merritt RP;

- Gold Medal for Long Service;

- Medal of National Education Committee;

- Gold Badge of Merritt to SGGW;

- Statuette of the Goddess of Earth and Nature Gaja for the input to the development of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Czech University of Life Sciences in Prag;

- Medal in recognition of the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, WULS SGGW as an important contribution to the development of research and teaching, and long-term cooperation;

- Awards JM Rectors:

  • WULS SGGW - 20 times (I, II and III class) - for scientific, didactic and organizational results;

  • Poznań University of Economics and Business -  I class - for original and creative scientific achievements.

- Diploma of recognition:

  • Dean of the Faculty of Economics WULS SGGW - 9 times - for outstanding organizational achievement;

  • Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture WULS SGGW - 4 times - for outstanding organizational achievement.