Statistical Methods in Economics

This manual presents statistical methods, theoretical and practical, like statistical observations, group reports, averages and variations, analysis of time series, statistical estimations, hypothesis testing, index decompositions, and methods of studying the interrelations of economic events and processes. Every chapter contains practical tasks to help readers gain deeper knowledge and understanding of all problems in Statistics. The manual also provides graphic images of Statistics.

            It is intended for students specializing in economics, post-graduate students, teachers at institutions of higher education, business professionals and others.




1. Introduction

            1.1. Statistics as a Science

            1.2. Overview

2. Statistical Observation

            2.1. Concept of Statistical Observation

            2.2. Methodological Problems of Statistical Observation


3. Grouping of Statistical Data. Statistical Tables and Charts

            3.1. Concept of Statistical Groupings

            3.2. Attributes for Groupings

            3.3. Statistical Tables and Charts


4. Absolute and Relative Statistical Indicators

            4.1. Absolute Indicators

            4.2. Relative Indicators


5. Averages and Parameters of Variation

            5.1. Theories of Averages

            5.2. Averages in Socio-Economic Calculations

            5.3. Properties of Arithmetic Mean

            5.4. Measures of Dispersion

            5.5. Moments


6. Random Variables. Distributions of Random Variables

            6.1. Statistical Series of Distribution

            6.2. Graphical Presentation of Series

            6.3. Probability Distribution for Continious Variable

            6.4. The Basic Theoretical Distribution


7. Statistical Estimation of Distribution Parameters

            7.1. Concept of General Population and Random Sample

            7.2. Unbiasedness, Consistence, Efficiency and Sufficiency of Statistical Estimation

            7.3. Point Estimations of Parameters of Distribution

            7.4. Interval Estimation


8. Checking of Statistical Hypotheses

            8.1. Concept of Statistical Hypotheses. Errors in Hypothesis Testing

            8.2. Hypothesis Testing

            8.3. Nonparametric Criteria of Comparison of Two Populations


9. Statistical Study of Interrelations of Socio - Economic Phenomena

            9.1. Methods of Study of Interrelations. Concept of Correlation

            9.2. Regression Equations

            9.3. Correlation analysis

            9.4. The Multiple Regression

            9.5. Veryfication of the Linear Regression Model


10. Time Series

            10.1. Concept of Time Series

            10.2. Analysis of Time Series

            10.3. The Trend of Time Series

            10.4. Correlation Analysis in a Time Series

            10.5. Seasonal Fluctuations


11. Indexes

            11.1. Concept of Indexes

            11.2. Aggregation Indexes and Their Weight 149

            11.3. Average Indexes

            11.4. System of Interdependent Indexes

            11.5. Indexes of Averages. Indexes of Permanent and Variable Structure

            11.6. Territorial Indexes



Statistical Tables



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